Tuesday, July 29, 2014

CAPITOLFEST! Rome, NY, August 8-10

Yes, readers, Capitolfest is right around the corner, next week! I have been going to this great film festival in Rome, NY for the past 8 seasons and every year I say, "next years show can't be as good as this one?" and time and time again the staff at the Capitol Theatre keeps proving me wrong.

An absolutely delicious line-up of incredibly rare films (some not seen since they were first released!), all from 35mm prints, in a vintage 1928 movie palace. What more could the lover of classic film want in a festival?? This years featured player is William Powell and there's a bunch of scarce films for fans of his work to sink their teeth into.

There is STILL time to register for the fest and book a hotel room, all the details on accommodations and ticket prices can be found at the Capitolfest website and I have to also say, go and "LIKE" the Capitolfest & Rome Capitol Theatre Facebook page for updates and events at this terrific theater as they have movies, plays, concerts, stage shows, etc throughout the year. See you there!Here is the complete schedule for Capitolfest 12:

All films are in 35mm; silents accompanied on the Capitol’s 1928 original installation Möller theater organ. 
Friday, August 8
Session #1 Silent movie accompaniment by Dr. Philip C. Carli
11:30 am Partners of the Sunset (Bert Lubin, 1922) Allene Ray, Robert Frazer, Mildred Bright; D: Robin H. Townley SILENT
12:55  Derelict (Paramount, 1930) George Bancroft, Jessie Royce Landis, William “Stage” Boyd; D: Rowland V. Lee 
2:30 Hearst-Metrotone News, vol. 4, no. 303 (MGM, 9/20/33) 
2:45 Musical Journeys no. 1, “Exploring the Pacific” (WB, 1933) D: E.M. Newman
3:00 Sing with the Street Singer (Master Art, 1933) Arthur Tracy (“the Street Singer”) w/ Don Wallace, organ
3:15 Horse Play(Universal, 1933) Slim Summerville, Andy Devine, Leila Hyams; D: Edward Sedgwick

Session #2 Silent movie accompaniment by Bernie Anderson
6:30 pm Marvels of Motion (Fleischer, 1926) Fleischer-Novagraph Process  of slow motion and trick photography. SILENT
6:40 The Bright Shawl (Paramount, 1923) R. Barthelmess, D. Gish, J. Goudal, W. Powell, M. Astor; D: J. S. Robertson SILENT

8:10 Ladies’ Man (Paramount, 1931) William Powell, Kay Francis, Carole Lombard, Gilbert Emery; D: Lothar Mendes 
9:35 Roman Scandals (Goldwyn, 1933) Eddie Cantor, Ruth Etting, Gloria Stuart, David Manners, E. Arnold; D: Frank Tuttle 

Saturday, August 9 
Session #3  
9:30 am The Czar of Broadway (Universal, 1930) John Wray, Betty Compson, John  Harron, Claude Allister; D: W.J. Craft 
11:20 Fashion News (Fashion Feature Studios, 1929) 
11:30 High Treason (Gaumont-British, 1929) Jameson Thomas, Benita Hume, Basil Gill; D: Maurice Elvey TALKIE VERSION

Session #4 Silent film accompaniment by Dr. Philip C. Carli
2:15 pm Screen Snapshots (Columbia, c.1927) M. Astor, P. Haver, R. LaRocque, F. Pangborn, et. al.  SILENT
2:25 Ince Studio Tour (Ince, circa 1920) W. Ruggles, L. Hughes, L. Glaum, H. Bosworth, F. Vidor, et. al. SILENT
2:50 Morals (Paramount, 1921) May McAvoy, William P. Carleton, Marian Skinner; D: Wm. Desmond Taylor SILENT
4:25 Meet Mr. Mischief (Columbia, 1947) Harry Von Zell, Christine McIntyre, Ralph Harolde, Emil Sitka; D: Edward  Bernds
4:50 Steady Company (Universal, 1932) Norman Foster, June Clyde, ZaSu Pitts, Henry Armetta; D: Edward Ludwig

Session #5 Silent film accompaniment by Avery Tunningley
8:00 pm Round About Chicago (Miner, 1929) A film tour of Chicago SILENT 
8:30 Forgotten Faces (Paramount, 1928) Clive Brook, Mary Brian, Olga Baclanova, William Powell; D: V. Schertzinger  SILENT

10:10 Teapot Town (International Tea Growers Association, c.1938) animated theater commercial  D: Ted Eshbaugh(?)
10:20 Laughter in Hell (Universal, 1933) Pat O’Brien, Merna Kennedy, Gloria Stuart, Berton Churchill, Tom Brown; D: E.L. Cahn 

Sunday, August 10

Session #6
9:30 am Horace Heidt and His Californians (WB/Vitaphone, 1929)
9:40 Cradle Song(Paramount, 1933) Dorothea Wieck, Evelyn Venable, Guy Standing, Louise Dresser; D: Mitchell Leisen 
11:20 My Weakness (Fox, 1933) Lilian Harvey, Lew Ayres, Charles Butterworth, Harry Langdon; D: David Butler

Session #7  Silent movie accompaniment by Dr. Philip C. Carli
1:45 pm Pointed Heels (Paramount, 1929) William Powell, Fay Wray, H. Kane, S. Gallagher; D: A. E. Sutherland  color scenes 2:50 Shadow of the Law (Paramount, 1930) Wiliam Powell, Leila Hyams, Una O’Connor; D: Edward Sedgwick
4:15 pm Jack Theakston’s Short Subject Follies  A cavalcade of shorts, trailers, & snipes
5:00 Sharp Shooters (Fox, 1926) George O’Brien, Lois Moran, Noah Young, Tom Dugan; D: John G. Blystone SILENT


Very pleased to announce that we've added the two-color Technicolor Vitaphone short, THE SULTAN'S JESTER (1930) to the Capitolfest lineup. It was recently restored by the George Eastman House, and will be shown on Saturday, Aug. 9 at 11:30 am. According to James Layton of GEH, "of the twenty-three color Vitaphone shorts made between 1929 and 1930, this film is the only one to survive complete." Thanks to James and our other friends at GEH for making this possible! 

 a frame grab from THE SULTAN'S JESTER!

Monday, March 24, 2014


  You read it right! I am now selling clear vinyl Vitaphone stickers! You know Vitaphone, the disc system which, when synchronized with the projector, gave the worlds many great films and shorts sound! Made famous by Al Jolson in "The Jazz Singer".  Perfect for your car windows, black guitar cases, your mirrors, just tons of places you can put these!

Cost is $3.00 per sticker. Shipping is $.75 in the USA (no matter how many you purchase) and $1.50 for all regions outside the USA (no matter how many you purchase). Payments will be handled securely though PayPal where you can use your account, credit card payments can also be accepted through this method. I can also accept money orders and personal checks (seven days to clear).

PLEASE use the buttons on the right to purchase your stickers. There is one button for shipping inside the USA and one button for shipping outside the USA, PLEASE choose the correct one for your shipping address. One you click your specific button, you will be taken to a page where you can add in the quantity of stickers you wish to purchase and choose your payment method.

Here is what one of the stickers looks like on my automobile:


Friday, March 21, 2014

A brief view of the Brendel home movies

  As I wrote last week, I was asked to present another reel of the El Brendel home movies at Cinefest in Syracuse, New York over the past weekend and while I am still writing my review of that incredible weekend, I thought I'd share a bit of the home movie I showed with all my readers.

yes, that is yours truly introducing the Brendel reel at Cinefest
(photo credit: Kylie Pierce)

  When I was getting ready to figure out what I was going to screen this year, I made video files of two reels which I thought might be in contention. The video below is a section I edited out, added some opening and closing titles, some sound effects and music and uploaded it for all to see. The quality is not the best, but I think it came out pretty darn good!

  The film is from the "gags" reel (so written by El on the can itself) and contains just that, El working out comedy bits in front of the camera and then editing them together to watch and we assume, show others. This one I've titled "The Hitchhiker" and the film edge code is dated 1939. I can only assume this may have been filmed near the Brendel home at 11106 Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles where he and Flo lived during this period. I couldn't see any street signs or any other markers so it's just an assumption. To keep the mysteries building, this is the only section on the entire reel which is in black and white, the rest is Kodachrome. Enjoy!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

El Brendel returns to Cinefest, March 13th-16th

I know, I'm always late on promoting these things, but I have been invited back to show another El Brendel home movie at the Syracuse Cinephile Society's annual Cinefest film festival. It will be taking place March 13th - 16th and will have TONS of other rare film to show on their screen.

The film I am presenting is another reel from the stash of films I uncovered in 2011. This reel has been marked by El as "gags" and features just that; El performing gags in front of the camera. But there is also a section with behind the scenes footage from "The Beautiful Blonde From Bashful Bend", on the TV show "Cowboy G-Men", and El goofing around with his wife, Flo.

El with a trick cigar from the "gags" reel

Here is the complete line up of films from Cinefest 34:
Thursday, March 13th
9:00 am    MAIN STREET T0 BROADWAY (1953) with Mary Martin
10:45 am  SATURDAY NIGHT (1922) with Leatrice Joy, Conrad Nagel     
1:00 pm    TAKING TRAILERS SERIALSLY Hosted by Ray Faiola
2:00 pm    CASEY AT THE BAT (1927) w/  Wallace Beery, Ford Sterling, Zasu Pitts
3:10 pm    SILENT COMEDY RARITIES PT1 From the Library of Congress
4:15 pm    SWING HIGH (1930) with Helen Twelvetrees, Fred Scott
8:00 pm    HOUSEHOLD BLUES (1929) with Monte Collins
8:10 pm    THE JOY GIRL (1927) With Olive Borden, Neil Hamilton
9:20 pm    FANCHON, THE CRICKET (1915) with Mary Pickford
10:40 pm  DARKENING TRAIL (1919) with William S. Hart, Enid Markey
11:25 pm   LOVE FROM A STRANGER (1937) with Ann Harding, Basil Rathbone

Friday, March 14th
9:00 am    ALWAYS GOODBYE (1931) with Elissa Landi, Lewis Stone
10:05 am  FOR THE DEFENSE (1915) with Fannie Ward, Jack Dean
11:10 am  THE BEST OF MOSTLY LOST From the Library of Congress
1:00 pm    UNDERCRANKING: Magic Behind the Slapstick  Hosted by Ben Model
2:15 pm    PARTNERS IN CRIME (1928) with Wallace Beery, Mary Brian
3:15 pm    SILENT COMEDY RARITIES PT 2 From the Library of Congress
4:25 pm    A WALTZ DREAM (1925) with Willy Fritsch
8:00 pm    A SONG IN THE DARK 4  Hosted by Richard Barrios
9:15 pm    NEW MOON (1919) with Norma Talmadge, Pedro de Cordoba
10:20 pm  SANDY (1926) with Madge Bellamy, Leslie Fenton, Harrison Ford
11:40 pm  BUCK PRIVATES(1928) Lya DePutti, Malcolm McGregor, Zasu Pitts
Saturday, March 15th
9:00 am    MAN TROUBLE (1930) with Milton Sills, Dorothy Mackaill
10:30 am  EL BRENDEL HOME MOVIES Hosted by Louie Despres
10:55 am  BACHELOR’S AFFAIRS (1932) with Adolphe Menjou
1:00 pm    WHAT’S-HIS-NAME (1913) Dir: Cecil B. DeMille with Max Figman
2:00 pm    THE SKY HAWK (1929) with Helen Chandler, John Garrick
3:20 pm    ANKLES PREFERRED  (1926) with Madge Bellamy
4:25 pm    THE DANCING PIRATE (1936) with Frank Morgan, Charles Collins
8:00 pm    HOME CURED (1926) with Johnny Arthur
8:15 pm    NOT EXACTLY GENTLEMEN (1931) with Victor McLaglen
9:20 pm    THE LIVE WIRE (1925) with Johnny Hines, Edmund Breese
10:25 pm   A DANGEROUS WOMAN (1929) with Olga Baclanova, Clive Brook
11:35 pm   DANGER ON THE AIR (1938) with Nan Grey, Donald Woods

Sunday, March 16th
9:00 am    THANKS A MILLION (1935) with Dick Powell, Fred Allen, Ann Dvorak
10:30 am  THE AUCTION (2014) Hosted by Leonard Maltin and George Read
12 noon    JUSTIN HERMAN SHOW 6 (1950s Paramount Toppers)
12:35 pm  THE DEVIL HORSE (1926) with Rex (the Devil Horse), Yakima Canutt
1:30 pm    WOMEN EVERYWHERE (1930)with J. Harold Murray, Fifi D’Orsay  
3:00 pm    THE CRAB (1917) with Thelma Salter, Frank Keenan 
3:55 pm    FLYING LUCK (1927) with Jean Arthur, Monty Banks

Hope to see you there!!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Shirley Temple, 1928-2014

The time has come to bid another fond farewell to another co-star of El's who has left us. Although I have never been a huge fan of Shirley Temple's I do realize her importance in film history. She was an immense start in the 30's and saved 20th Century Fox from almost certain bankruptcy with her box office smashing films. As with many actors in the 30's, El appeared with her in 1938's "Little Miss Broadway".

Shirley Temple and El in "Little Miss Broadway"

Her importance in the history of Hollywood cannot be understated and her loss is particular troublesome for this researcher. I had tried to contact her on two occasions to see if she had any recollection of working with El in "Little Miss Broadway". Unfortunately I never got a reply and frankly I never expected to as her fan mail must have been enormous, even in her later years.

El, Shirley, and Jimmy Durante in a dance number for "Little Miss Broadway"

outside and inside of the herald for the only picture her and El worked on together.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

El with ???? #4 - goatee guy & others

In our fourth installment of trying to figure out who's El is with in a couple of photos we stumble across the guy with the goatee. Judging by the pictures, he knows El well, maybe his agent? Actually, who are the other people, too?? HELP!!!

unknown, El, Flo Bert, and unknown goatee guy

unknown, El, & unknown goatee guy. This photo appears to 
be taken on a lot where El built one of his houses, possibly 274 Glenroy Ave.

Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Happy 2014!!

The staff here at "Give Me the Good Old Days!" (well, it's really just me) would like to wish all my readers a very happy, healthy, and joyous New Year! Hoping to share with all of you some new information, reviews of films, some more home recordings, and a bunch of other stuff in the next 12 months. BRING ON 2014!!

Baby New Year (Marjorie White) informing 
Father Time (El Brendel) it's time to scram!